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Sexual & Porn Addiction Treatment

Begin Again Institute's 14-day intensive with provided accommodations is designed to stop the behavior, treat the root cause of sexual addiction, and provide you with a strong foundation for continued growth and healing

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The original Begin Again Institute’s 14-Day program was created to treat men suffering from sex and pornography addictions. Our program utilizes the TASK Approach developed by Dr. Patrick Carnes coupled with trauma based treatment to help the addict stop destructive sexual behaviors, find the root cause of the addiction, and provide a solid foundation for lasting recovery. We are highly partner sensitive and focus on helping the addict understand and repair the damage caused to their partner and to the relationship utilizing the APSATS Multidimensional Partner Trauma Model.

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14-day Mens

Our unique 14-Day Men’s sex and pornography addiction program which includes on-site accommodations, was founded and is directed by Dr. Michael Barta. Dr. Barta has been treating sex addicts and their partners for the past 10-years and was trained by Dr. Patrick Carnes, the founder of the current sexual addiction treatment movement.


7-day Partners

Our latest offering is a separate, 7-day residential program for partners that have been affected by the destructive behaviors of sex and pornography addicts. This session aims to nurture partners through the painful process of healing from a sexual betrayal trauma while helping them find their voice and regain trust in their intuition and power.


Couples Intensive

Couple’s intensives at Begin Again Institute are designed to treat sex and pornography addicts and their partners in a front-loaded, intensive treatment format. The intensives are ideal for couples who have just gone through discovery and are in crisis, desire a significant head start in their recoveries, and need more support and education than can be found in weekly individual or couple’s therapy.

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Your experience at Begin Again Institute is tailored to your specific needs; we are not a "one size fits all" program. You will receive more individual attention at Begin Again than at any other treatment facility in the country.

For more information, call our Intake Coordinator today, (720) 660-5873 for our 14-day program, (303) 775-7529 for our 7-day program, or fill out the form below...and begin again.

Upcoming Sessions

Space is limited to four participants. Please call (720) 660-5837 to reserve your spot.

14-day Mens Intensive – September

14-day Mens Intensive – September

September 9th through September 23rd

14-Day Mens Intensive – October 2017

14-Day Mens Intensive – October 2017

October 16th through October 30th

14-day Mens Intensive – November 2017

14-day Mens Intensive – November 2017

November 6th through November 20th

14-Day Mens Intensive – December 2017

14-Day Mens Intensive – December 2017

December 2nd through December 16